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    need help for authentication with IMAP or POP3

    Mustafa Celik Newbie

      I started to use jboss as app server and seam as framework in my school  project. I dont want to create extra user profile. I mean i dont want  to store users' usernames and passwords in my database.


      I want to use my university's mail server for authentication. I want students who study in my university can login system with their university mail  address and password.


      How can i do that? Any solutions will greatly appreciated.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          First you need to go talk with an IT administrator at your school to find out where student account information is stored. Most likely it will be stored in LDAP or a database. Then you need to ask that person to grant you the necessary permissions to access the account information. And you also need to know all of the information necessary to accces that information, such as database connection URLs, LDAP server name and port, queries to access the info, etc.


          After you have done that, then you will ready to look at what can be done within JBoss AS to access that account info. For example, if the student account information is stored in LDAP then you will need to define an LDAP login module within server/xxx/conf/login-config.xml. If the info is stored in a database you will need to set up a database login module in the same file.