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    performance of filter criteria

    Eugene Bessel Newbie

      hello all,


      I took a look at examples on live demo page.





      by extendedDataTable when I enter more then one letter into filter field, then the table is rerendered for each letter.

      for example I enter "con", then the table is rerendered for 'c' then 'co' then 'con'. Also three time. If I have a big table with more then 5000 entries I think it will be very slow.


      by DataTable when I enter "con", the table is rerendered only one time.

      In this case the filtering is faster as with extendedDataTable.


      I took als a look on event in Code. In both case it is event="onkeyup"


      what is the difference between these two DataTables?????


      the same behavior is for sorting.


      the sorting of extendedDataTable takes more time then the sorting of DataTable.

      can I do anything that extendedDataTable works faster??


      thank you