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    javax.ejb.Schedule not working on JBoss 6.0.0.M2

    Thierry Rietsch Newbie



      I just tried to use the Java EE 6 @Schedule annotation, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it works. I just created a simple test class which should print out a string on the console (for testing purposes).






      public class TestService {

           @Schedule(minute = "*")

           public void testProcess() {

                System.out.println("Hello Minute");




      As far as I understand the JEE6 specification the minute = "*" states that this should be run every minute as soon as the service is deployed in the container. Unfortunately the system out does never appear on the console.


      Is it possible that this feature is not yet integrated into JBoss-6.0.0.M2? If yes, is there a website with the status uf JBoss 6 and JEE6 integration?


      Thanks for your answers!