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    Can't make DeployingEJB3TimersInCluster working.

    mariqn nenchev Novice
      Hi,  I need to schedule one timer that modifies my memcached data on a server that is visible for my two running in cluster instances. So i followed the http://community.jboss.org/wiki/DeployingEJB3TimersInCluster but it is not working. I am newbie with jboss, clustering and HA and i may do something wrong. Here is what i did: I copied my all jboss configuration, renamed it to node1. I skipped step 2&3, but i already have datasource&database for my ear. I started the first instance with  bash run.sh -c all -b after that i started the second instance with bash run.sh -Djboss.service.binding.set=ports-02 -c node1. They started successfully and they were seeing each other.  I have mbean that starts a timer from the jmx-console. I started the timer from the jmx-console of my first instance: all. The timer has started and scheduled with repeating correctly. And it was expiring and rescheduling correctly. I could see this from the terminal console for my first instance( there was nothing in the second as it should be). But when i stopped the first instance the second was notified that the first has stopped. But no timer bean was started and no timer was scheduled. I did exactly every thing like in the tutorial (except steps 2&3). I am using jboss 5.10 ejb 3.0. Any suggestions?  Regards.