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    counter in the first column of an extendedDataTable

    Chuck Bronberg Newbie



      What I thought it would be as easier as with JSP's varStatus is costing me hours...


      As said in the title I need a counter in the first column of an extendedDataTable: first row 1, second 2 and so on.


      I tried using rowKeyVar, but what that's showing is the database table row primary key. Probably because I am modifying the extendedDataTable?


      This is the table:


        <rich:extendedDataTable value="#{outagesXtndTbl.outagesDataModel}" var="out" id="bc_table" width="560px"
         height="400px" sortMode="#{outagesXtndTbl.sortMode}" selectionMode="#{outagesXtndTbl.selectionMode}"
         tableState="#{outagesXtndTbl.tableState}" selection="#{outagesXtndTbl.selection}"
         binding="#{outagesXtndTbl.uidata}" rowKeyVar="rkvar">


      if I use the rowKeyVar like


         <rich:column sortable="false" label="" id="ys" width="40px">
          <h:outputText value="#{rkvar + 1}" id="bc_index" title="Row Number"/>


      then I can see there the database table row ID, which in this case is something like 1243, 1246, 1267, etc.


      Any other way to generate a simple count in the first column?