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    Custom JAAS Module for GateIn

    Dave Godbey Newbie
      My environment has a local authentication web service that I need to couple with GateIn. I'm familiar with JAAS, but I can't figure out how to get the password in GateIn. In my LoginModule, I'm pulling the credentials using:

         String[ ] creds = new String[2];
         Callback[ ] cb = new Callback[2];

         cb[0] = new NameCallback("Username");
         cb[1] = new PasswordCallback("Password", false);
         creds[0] = new String(((NameCallback)cb[0]).getName());
         creds[1] = new String(((PasswordCallback)cb[1]).getPassword());

      The username comes back correctly, but the password string, creds[1] always comes back "rememberme" with some numeric string appended. What am I doing wrong? Or is there documentation on how to do this somewhere you can refer me to?