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    HornetQ integration in AS6 - Support for existing JBM style deployments

    jaikiran pai Master

      In a couple of threads, here in HornetQ dev, related to HornetQ integration with AS-6, i see that there's some work being done to replace the existing *-service.xml (JBM style deployments containing queue/topic configs) from the AS testsuite (as well as other places):


      On the other targets,


      There are still a few tests failing because of not deploying destinations properly. We have to basically replace the old service.xml by the new deployments.


      From the discussions in those threads, i am still not clear whether the earlier deployments (JBM) would still work once HornetQ is integrated into AS trunk.


      If it doesn't work, then it's going to be a problem for testsuites (like EJB3) which lie outside the AS. EJB3 testsuite, for example, runs against the AS trunk and deploys queue/topics (for MDB testing mainly) using the JBM style *-service.xml way. The tests are going to break if those *-service.xml are no longer supported. Fixing those tests isn't trivial for more than one reason - but mainly because the same testsuite runs against different versions of AS/EAP.


      So, would those deployments stil be supported after the integration? (I hope so).