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    Problem with external filtering with filtermethod and SortingBy

    Eugene Bessel Newbie

      Hello EveryBody,



      I use ExtendedDataTable with attribute <rich:columns.

          I would like to use all features of Extended Datatable.

      1.Sorting of Data

      2. Filtering of Data

      3. grouping of rows


      I would like to create own filter fields like selectBox. If I use external filter, I can validate the filterData.

      Also I should use external filtering with filterMethod like on



      On this place I have two problems:


      1. I implemented the external filtering like in example, but it doesnt work. I have input fields in header of column (correct), BUT when I click into the filter field then my DataTable will rerendered directly although I set requestDelay="700". The filterfield stay empty but the focus is not in the field. also I have no possibility to enter the filter criteria.



      If I implement my external filter like on


      then I have no possibility to sort my table any more. Exclude external filter the attribute sortBy ?????


      please take a look, on my code in attachment.


      I have no Idea what I have done wrong.



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          Eugene Bessel Newbie

          I change my jsf-page and now it works better.


          I can see external filter fields and also I can see symbols for sorting.


          requestDelay="700" works also.


          I dont know why, but the filter criteria are not seeted when I enter some of then in the filter field.


          I think that my Bean is wrong.


          but what? If I debugg in the

          <rich:columns id="col_#{col}" value="#{searchModul.columns}"
                           var="col" index="ind"
                           sortBy="#{data[ind]}" sortOrder="#{searchModul.sortOrders[col]}">               
                          <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:inputText value="#{searchModul.columnFilterValues[col]}" id="input_#{ind}">
                                         <a4j:support event="onkeyup" reRender="extTable , ds"
                                                  ignoreDupResponses="true" requestDelay="700"/>
                       <h:outputText value="#{data[ind]}"></h:outputText>


          public Map<String, Object> getColumnFilterValues() {
                  return columnFilterValues;


              public void setColumnFilterValues(Map<String, Object> columnFilterValues) {
                  this.columnFilterValues = columnFilterValues;



          public boolean filterData(Object current) {
                      return false;
                  List<String> filterData = (ArrayList<String>)current;
                  if(!columnFilterValues.keySet().isEmpty()){                                / /columnFilterValues is always empty
                     Iterator<String> iter = columnFilterValues.keySet().iterator();
                      int columnIndex=0;
                          String key = iter.next();
                          String data = (String)columnFilterValues.get(key);

                              return false;

          //        System.out.println(current.toString());
                  return true;