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    Is it possible to flag a metric for non-compression?

    Mark Kempster Newbie

      I'm trying to find a way to store a metric for a longer period of time than the normal compression threshold, to allow for the possibility of detailed comparison over a longer stretch of time than a week. I'd like to be able to compare production-system metrics in a same-time-last-month sort of scenario, or to be able to compare baseline performance-system metrics that might be generated with infrequent performance runs over the course of a couple months.


      Is there any way to keep metrics around without compression and pay the hit for db size?

      Or when compression runs, is there an option to move that data into archive tables instead of deleting them?

      Failing that, is there a way to snapshot (for lack of a better term) a set of metrics for baseline comparison at a later time?


      I'd prefer to point one browser at the 'old' timespan, and a second browser at the 'new' timespan. I suppose a fallback might be to generate a series of per-metric graphs and saving the images off in an offline-report sort of idea.