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    I hate this editor, part 3

    Peter Johnson Master

      Here I am answering a post. I click the Quote button, and edit the quoted text to get just the senetnce I wanted. I add a reply to that sentence. Then I copy and paste another sentence from the original post into the response. I then hit CTRL-Z to undo the paste. Oh, that's right, CTRL-Z doesn't do anything (useless editor!!! at least with a multi-line text box in Firefox I have undo capability!!! ). So I select the copied text and delete it. But that is not what gets deleted - instead the first quoted text gets deleted and only my reply to that and the sentence I had copied are left. Great, let me select that and delete them and start again. Now delete does not work! The text is selected but all the the delete key does is homes the cursor.


      Please, please, please give us an option to use a plain, ordinary multi-line text box with markup. I am tearing my hair out here!!!!!

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          Libor Krzyžanek Apprentice

          Hi Peter,

          I understand that work with RTE is sometime really annoying. Good news for you is that most of these bugs are already fixed in new version of Clearpsace called SBS on which I'm working ATM.


          In current version RTE doesn't support Undo&Redo features (basic features imho) ... but SBS support these features pretty well.


          SBS will be released very soon.