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    jbpm.esb plans?

    kurt steele Newbie
      Which JBoss team is handling jbpm.esb development?   Is there a roadmap for moving from a 3.1.1 to a 4.x compliant version?
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          toshiro mayazumi Newbie
          ....I am count on zero response from JBoss ESB "team".  They not want to talk on this.
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            Kevin Conner Master

            Perhaps giving us some time to respond would be helpful


            As a team we have been very busy of late, productising the 4.7 release, culminating in the imminent release of the SOA 5 platform!  There have been many changes made as a consequence of this work, especially in the area of performance, and our first task will be to make all this available to the community through a project release.


            As for the plans for jbpm integration, we do intend to upgrade to jBPM 4 now that it has had a decent amount of community exposure.  This is unlikely to be in the next release though, as we intend to make this quickly, but should follow shortly afterwards.



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              kurt steele Newbie

              That's good news.  Do you think the console's REST architecture will stay?