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    Clustering for HA

    Dan Nawrocki Newbie

      I'd like to get feedback from the community on the best way to implement both clustering and HA.  My initial thoughts were to include hornetq.sar and hornetq.rar in my JBoss install, deploy my app in the same location, then cluster all of the HornetQ servers together.  (I have 4 machines that will be in the same cluster.)  However, after reading the documentation, it appears that clustering should be used for load balancing -- not HA -- and there is no way to "tack HA on" to the clustering funtionality.


      Is there any way for HornetQ to perform the data replication necessary for HA to the other machines in the cluster when they are discovered via UDP broadcast?  Or should I plan on running 2 standalone HornetQ servers in the live-backup pair methodology?



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          Clebert Suconic Master

          Clustering and Failover are different things on HornetQ as you realized by running it and reading the docs.


          How you phisically set your nodes is totally up to your requirements.




          You have two boxes.


          Box 1 will run the serverA and the backupForServerB

          Box 2 will run the serverB and the backupForServerA


          Note that this will only work if you have enough load available to handle both servers.



          You could do the above also with shared storage. Which on that case the backup server will be completely idle and not having to do any work.




          And that's just one example... don't take my example here as your solution without understanding it. I don't know your architecture and limitations.


          You can configure this in many ways.

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            Tim Fox Master
            I'd suggest reading the HA chapter in the user manual. It goes into detail on this subject.