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    JBPM subprocesses stuck on inactive-join

    Michal Koziol Newbie

      Hi all,

      We have come across a strange problem with our jbpm process. It contains a fork and a join at the end. Both branches execute some subprocesses and when they finish, they meet in a join. Usually after the join, the main execution finishes, but sometimes (very very rarely - total of 3 cases) the processes wait in the join and the main execution never finishes.

      What we can see in the database in the "jbpm4_execution" table, is that the main process is in an "inactive-concurrent-root" state and the two subprocesses are in the "inactive-join" state.

      Has anybody seen something like that? We are just curious if we are doing something wrong or is it a rare bug?

      There is a workaround for that, just do this:


      executionService.endProcessInstance(pid, state)


      but we would rather not see it in the database at all.

      Any help would be appreciated.


      We are using JBPM v4.1,

      Here is our jbpm process in xml:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


      <process name="proc1" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.0/jpdl">


          <start g="246,25,48,48" name="start">
              <transition g="-68,-18" name="to validation" to="validation"/>
          <decision g="245,115,48,48" name="validation">
              <handler class="x.validation.ValidationParameters" />
              <transition g="-48,-18" name="error" to="error"/>
              <transition g="-50,-6" name="to fork" to="fork"/>


          <end-error g="60,115,48,48" name="error"/>
          <fork g="244,194,48,48" name="fork">
              <on event="end" continue="exclusive">
              <transition g="3,-18" name="to create cases" to="create cases"/>
              <transition g="-72,-18" name="to search bets" to="search bets"/>


          <sub-process g="127,278,92,52" name="search bets" outcome="${result.outcome}" sub-process-key="SearchBets">
              <parameter-in expr="${owner}" subvar="owner"/>
              <parameter-in expr="${eventId}" subvar="eventId"/>
              <parameter-in expr="${timestamp}" subvar="timestamp"/>
              <parameter-out subvar="result" var="searchBetsResult"/>
              <transition g="-35,-18" name="to join" to="join"/>


          <sub-process g="302,280,92,52" name="create cases" sub-process-key="CreateCases">
              <parameter-in expr="${owner}" subvar="owner"/>
              <parameter-in expr="${eventId}" subvar="eventId"/>
              <parameter-in expr="${timestamp}" subvar="timestamp"/>
              <parameter-in expr="${ticket}" subvar="ticket"/>
              <parameter-in expr="${roleList}" subvar="roleList"/>       
              <transition g="11,-14" name="to join" to="join"/>
          <join g="235,386,48,48" multiplicity="2" name="join">
            <transition name="to decision" to="decision" g="-56,-18"/>
          <end g="239,567,48,48" name="end"/>
         <end-error name="errorproc1" g="107,486,48,48"/>
         <decision name="decision" g="237,483,48,48">
         <handler class="x.validation.ValidationEndProcess" />
            <transition name="to errorproc1" to="errorproc1" g="-32,-14"/>
            <transition name="to end" to="end" g="-36,-18"/>