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    6.0 M2 startup time

    Marcin Misiewicz Newbie



      When I installed new version of the jboss 6.0 M2 and run the fresh installation, it started very quickly compared to m1 (about 30 seconds), but when I deployed my application it takes much more time to startup then m1.


      For m2 it takes 2 minutes 42 seconds to start, and M1 it takes only 1 minut 40-50 seconds. I have also noticed that during startup it hangs for a while after :

      00:19:13,463 INFO  [AbstractServerConfig] JBoss Web Services - Native Server 3.3.0.Beta2
      00:20:39,494 INFO  [Ejb3DependenciesDeployer] Encountered deployment AbstractVFSDeploymentContext@22521283{vfsfile:/home/misiek/dev/jboss-eas/server/default/deploy/pl.scentia.smartoffice.ear.ear/pl.scentia.smartoffice.business.jar/}
      As you can see it hangs for 1 minut and 26 seconds. Is it possible that M2 starts slower than M1, fresh installation of M2 seems to start faster than M1.
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          jaikiran pai Master

          Does your .ear file contain any .war files? If yes, does that .war have .jar files in the WEB-INF/lib folder? If it does (and if your application is not a Servlet 3.0 application) then add a file named jboss-scanning.xml to the .war/WEB-INF folder with the following contents:


          <scanning xmlns="urn:jboss:scanning:1.0">
          <!-- Purpose:  Disable scanning for annotations in contained deployment. -->


          See if it makes a difference.

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            Marcin Misiewicz Newbie

            Thanks a lot


            It really works. Now it's starts up in less 1 minut and 30 seconds. Wow, what a great improvement.


            Right now I'm not using servlet 3.0 but in the future I'm going to migrate to servlet 3 and abandon google-guice, so I know how to control the process of scanning.


            Once again, thanks a lot.