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    Difficulty detecting changes in theme.xcss file

    Tanya Ruttenberg Expert

      I have added 2 selectors to theme.xcss which is part of a standard seam-gen project.  I made some changes to it, ie added 2 selectors:


          <u:selector name=".bg-color-gen">
              <u:style name="background-color" value="generalBackgroundColor"/>
          <u:selector name=".bg-color-alt">
              <u:style name="background-color" value="additionalBackgroundColor"/>


      but they do not seem to be taking effect. I've cleaned and re-published and re-started, etc., my project... anything I can think of to do.  I am now trying to figure out how to see if these 2 new classes are even defined anywhere and I can't find evidence of it.  I'm using firebug and when I try to view the contents of theme.xcss from the CSS pane of the firebug window, it says "There are no rules in this stylesheet."  Is that normal?  Or evidence that my stylesheet is not getting parsed?  I assume it must be since the project includes it in the template file.


      <a:loadStyle src="resource:///stylesheet/theme.xcss"/>


      It does seem to be rendered in the page:


      <link class="user" href="/ond/stylesheet/theme.xcss" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />