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    Supporting multiple languages on portlet

    Antony Ignatius Newbie


      I'm kind of new to portlet development and am trying to find the best way to support multiple languages on my portlet.

      The end user(could be web apps trying to access the portlet over iframe and also other portlets) would be provided with seperate links for the different languages.My requirement is that the portlet should support these languages irrespective of the browser locale set.


      This is what I tried but it doesnt seem to work:

      In the portlet.xml I added the <supported-locale> tag for the various languages. Then, I tried to create different portal instance for each language. I added the a locale-value entry in the <preferences> of each instance like :



      Now, in the application code, (we use spring web flow ) in the initial set-up method, I set the locale in the sessionMap of Requestcontext .


      This doesnt seem to work.


      It would be great if anyone could help me on this. By the way, we dont use the CMS portlet.