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    Custom Activity

    Donald Walters Newbie

      I have a class that contains a Map of properties that are needed in order to perform some function.


      I am extending ActivityBehaviour but I do not know how to defined this in the xml and also how to use these in the custom action.


      I cannot create explicit instance variables because these properties should be dynamic, hence, the use of the Map.


      Please let me know how to move forward with this.

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          Donald Walters Newbie

          <custom name="print dots" class="com.test.process.Prompt">

                  <property name="properties">

                      <object  class="java.util.HashMap">




                                      <string value="testprop" />



                                      <string value="test" />






                  <transition to="end" />



          public class Prompt implements ActivityBehaviour{


              HashMap properties = new HashMap();


              public void execute(ActivityExecution ae) throws Exception {




              public HashMap getProperties() {

                  return properties;



              public void setProperties(HashMap properties) {

                  this.properties = properties;