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    How to supress panel body style?

    Srikanth Chakravarthy Newbie



      I am providing a styleClass which sets the border property of the panel to zero using CSS. In IE 7.0 it does not show the border as expected. But in Chrome and Firefox, the border is still seen and this is because the .dr-pnl-b has it specified by default. How do I suppress this? Is this a problem with IE or the other browsers?


      I tried providing the bodyClass too but now IE too displays the border. In the class attribute of the panel div, the style provided by me is last in order and I suppose that is the reason that the default style is still taken. How do I change the order or suppress the default style. One way I know is to override the style .dr-pnl-b in my CSS and remove or alter the border property.


      Please suggest.