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    How to open a drop down menu

    radu radu Novice

      Hi ,


      I definied a drop down menu in my code something like:


          <rich:dropDownMenu id="dropId" event="onclick" styleClass="myClass" value="test">
               <rich:menuItem value="test1" />




      and next to it an image, something like:


         <h:graphicImage value="#{res.img}" onclick="#{rich:component('dropId')}.show();" />


         What i tryed to do is to trigger  menu's appearance when the image was clicked. But show function as i noticed does not exists in this case (took example from modal panel or similar to callSugestions with rich:sugestionBox).


         Is there a way to open that drop down menu when the image was clicked ?


         Please if you have an ideea help me...