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    Question about findAll()

    Tony Thompson Newbie

      The docs for findAll() claim that is will "Query all managed POJO objects under the id recursively.". But then it also says "In addition, it assumes that once a POJO is found with a id, no more POJO is stored under the children of the id." If it doesn't always work recursively, what is the point of findAll()? I have a situation where I would like for it to continue searching all of the children even if there is an object attached higher up in the hierarchy.

      So, for this example, I would want it to return o1, o2 and o3, not just o1:

      cache.attach( "/a/b", o1 );
      cache.attach( "/a/b/c", o2 );
      cache.attach( "/a/b/d", o3 );

      Any chance another findAll() API could be added that lets me pass a flag to say if I want it to continue searching recursively even if it finds an object higher in the hierarchy?