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    rich:calendar component goes behind the header in rich:scrollableTable component

    Vasu Bathina Newbie


      I have a rich:scrollalbeTable with first column freezed. As part of the requirement, I added a rich:calender component in the 2nd column. First column has some plain text. When i invoke the calendar, it goes behind the first column ( first row) ( cell corresponding to first column and first cell)


      Following is the code for rich:calendar

      <rich:calendar  horizontalOffset="-186" id="calendar_#{ind}" popup="true"
                                                                                  inputClass="width100px" value="#{statement.date}" enableManualInput="false"
                                                                                  style="z-index: 12000; width: 325;">


      Any solution if anyone has faced this problem before or any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


      Note : I have attached an image to explain the problem better