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    Why is JB Portal gone? Is GateIn Portal really the replacement?


      Not too long ago my group evaluated a number of open source portal products for a customer. We evaluated JBP, Liferay, and Exo. We didn't like Exo much, and we spent most of our time with Liferay and JBP.


      While Liferay was slick looking and did many of the things our customer wanted, it did not do EVERYTHING our customer wanted. Since the customer wanted everything that they wanted, we chose JBP for ease of customization and integration with other products.


      No sooner did we get out of the gate (pun intended) customizing JBP for the customer, we learned that 2.7.2 was the end of the road for JBoss Portal, and that GateIn products were the future for JBoss portal products.


      Unfortunately, in our view, GateIn Portal comes up short compared to Liferay (it is the same kind of product, shiny and self-contained). But then there is the Portlet Container.


      Our interest is in the portal toolkit, as JBP appears to be. Perhaps the GateIn Portlet Container product will fit the bill, but it is not nearly as functional as JBP was, and it looks as though the activity is with GateIn Portal right now.


      What happened? Are there discussions or threads where I might catch up with the JBP history and its giving way to GateIn?




      PS I also posted on the testimonial/discussion board, but the activity there seems to be negligible, so I posted here