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    How to programmatically access skin property value?

    Tanya Ruttenberg Expert


      I am generating a table using








      (Please do not suggest switching to rich:dataTable -- I cannot use it for reasons I don't want to get into here.)


      I want the row colors to alternate between "generalBackgroundColor" and "alternateBackgroundColor".  I have a rowColorSelector bean to return one or the other color depending on the value of "rowIndex".


      From the view:


      <a4j:repeat rowKeyVar="rowIndex">

      <tr style="background-color: #{deviceTableStyleSelector.getStyleClass(rowIndex)}" >



      Here is the color selector bean:


      public class DeviceTableStyleSelector {
          String styleClass;

          public String getStyleClass(Integer index) {
              if (index == null ) {
                  return null;
              if (index % 2 == 1) {
                  return Skin.additionalBackgroundColor;
              else {
                  return Skin.generalBackgroundColor;



      Apparently :-) Skin.additionalBackgroundColor does not return the string that represents the color.  Rather it returns the string "additionalBackgroundColor".


      How do I get the string that represents the actual color?  BTW -- I am using Seam.  Is there something I need to inject here? If so, what?