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    Does Jboss portal supports only Get method?

    Saravanamoorthi Karuppagounder Newbie

      I am using jboss portal 2.7.2 in which I have the following code:


      writer.println("<form name='reportform' method='post' action='"+actionURL.toString()+"'>");


      and some select boxes and a submit button. When I submit the form the portlet always sends the data in Get method only eventhough I have specified as post for the form method. Is there anywhere I need to configure this in JBoss portal.  Any help on this will be of immense help.


      Even I tried the examples given in the jboss portal but no luck. I tried the JSP hello user example which has the following code:


      <portlet:actionURL var="myActionURL"/>
      <form action="<%= myActionURL %>" method="POST">
               <span class="portlet-form-field-label">Name:</span>
               <input class="portlet-form-input-field" type="text" name="yourname"/>
               <input class="portlet-form-button" type="Submit"/>


      But this also when I submit the page,  I can see the parameter yourname with the value in the URL as given below:




      Can anybody help me on this?