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    RF 3.1.6 ScrollableDataTable single select

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      Okay, I'm stuck using 3.1.6 (app has to run on OC4j / Oracle 10g AS), I know that the newer versions of RF allow for specifying selectionMode="single" (since 3.2.x or 3.3.x?), but since I'm stuck in the dark ages with my customer, I would like to know if it is possible to have ScrollableDataTable limited to exactly one selected row?


      I tried tweaking the back bean's takeSelection() so that it would break-out after adding the first item from the iterator (getSelection.getKeys()), but this hosed it.  So at this point, I do not know how the SDT would be limited to exactly one selected item.


      The reference documentation seems to indicate this is possible ("one and multi-selection rows mode"), but all the examples I've seen, and I've search here and google ad nauseum for this, but it it just keeps coming back with examples that do only multi-select, or they reference 3.2/3.3's selectionMode attribute (again, not available b/c my customer is a bit behind the times).


      Would like to get a simple yes or no, if yes, an example would be much appreciated.



      I settled on 3.1.6 b/c I read some place this is the only version nearly guaranteed to work on OC4j with JSF 1.1 (or 1.2).  Has anyone gotten any recent versions to work on OC4j, mind you I think I have to clip it to using JSF 1.1 or 1.2 thanks to OC4j.