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    checkbox and radio button in <a4j:repeat> doesnt get populated in managed bean

    Vishal Rohilla Newbie

      In the code below,  checkbox and radio button's value is not getting populated in the managed bean.


      Method save() gets called by a4j:commandButton.


      In save() - in 'prod' object, the values for checkbox and radiobutton remains false even if I select/check them in the JSP.


      Not sure who the culprit is. Thanks for your time!



      JSP Code:


      <rich:dataTable id="info" value="#{mainBean.abcList}" var="abcTypeBean" rowKeyVar="tableRowNum" headerClass="colHdr"
                               binding="#{mainBean.tableRow}" rowClasses="x,y">
             <a4j:repeat value="#{ abcTypeBean.abcAttributesBean}" var="abc" rowKeyVar="aborhVar" >
           <h:outputLabel value="#{ abc.abcValue}"/> 
      <a4j:repeat value="#{abc.defBeanList}" var="defBean" rowKeyVar="subRowVar"  >
           <div style="float:left;">
           <h:selectOneRadio id="attrenabledRadio"
              rendered="#{ defBean.selection=='R'}" layout="lineDirection">
              <f:selectItem itemValue="#{ defBean.flag}" itemLabel="#{ defBean.description}" />
             <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="attrenabled" value="#{ defBean.flag}"

      label="#{defBean.description}" rendered="#{ defBean.selection=='x'}"


           <h:outputLabel value="#{ defBean.description}" rendered="#{ defBean.selection=='C'}"/>          

      <table border="0" >
                                  <td align="right" colspan="3">
                                      <h:commandButton value="save" action="#{mainBean.save}" />


      Managed Bean: -


      public class mainBean {


      private List<ABCTypeBean> abcList;
      private HtmlDataTable tableRow;
      private HtmlSelectBooleanCheckbox attrenabled;
      private HtmlSelectOneRadio attrenabledRadio;


      public save() {


      int n = this.tableRow.getRowCount();
        for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
        if (enabled.isSelected()) {
          ABCTypeBean prod =(ABCTypeBean)tableRow.getRowData();





      ABC Bean: -


      public class ABCTypeBean {


      private List<ABCAttributesBean> abcAttributesBean;


          public void setABCAttributesBean(List<ABCAttributesBean> abcAttributesBean) {
              this.abcAttributesBean = abcAttributesBean;


          public List<ABCAttributesBean> getABCAttributesBean() {
              return abcAttributesBean;






      public class ABCAttributeBean {


      private List<DEFBean> defBeanList;


          public void setDefBeanList(List<DEFBean> defBeanList) {
              this.defBeanList = defBeanList;


          public List<DEFBean> getDefBeanList() {
              return defBeanList;




      public class DEFBean {


      private boolean flag;
      private String selection;


      private String description;


      public void setFlag(boolean flag) {
      this.flag = flag;


      public boolean isFlag() {
      return flag;


      public void setDescription(String description) {
      this.description = description;


      public String getSelection() {
      return selection;


      public void setSelection(String selection) {
      this.selection = selection;