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    Install GateIn on a previsouly installed Tomcat

    Guillaume Thomassian Newbie

      How can I install GateIn on my classic production Tomcat server ?





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          Dave Godbey Newbie

          I can't answer your question, but Liferay doesn't do this very well either. Nor integrate with Oracle. Its the reason we passed on Liferay and embraced JBoss Portal. I sure miss JBoss Portal.


          What product is the continuation of the JBP-type product?

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            Matt Wringe Master

            Its possible to take GateIn and install in on another Tomcat instance. We don't test that, but it should work. Just compare the Tomcat version of GateIn to the normal Tomcat version, see what changes are made and make those changes to your own instance of Tomcat. It will mostly be extra jars and wars (and a few configuration changes).


            With the JBoss version of GateIn it may be a bit easier as most things are contained within an ear, but there are still a couple of minor configuration changes that need to be made on the server.


            We don't provide a standalone zip of GateIn or instructions on how to install it in another server instance. And there may be issues if you are copying it over to a version of the server which is not the same as the one that GateIn uses.