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    Jboss4.2.2 MQ Message Reading Issue

    srini vas Newbie



      we are using Jboss4.2.2 MQ for sending and receiving messages on Queues & Topics.

      We are facing few problems after running the jboss continuosely for 20 days or so.


      1. We have many listeners created from many of the machines to the jboss server for the queues/topics.

          These listeners are getting one message per minute on the Queues / Topics.

          But few listeners are stopped reading after the some time.

          We tried to check for some exceptions in onMessage() method. But we did not get any.

          As soon as the listener is started, reading is happening fine for sometime. After that the listener looks fine.

          But reading of the message from Queue is not happening. From JMX console we observed that Depth of the queue is increasing continuosely as the

          reading from queue is not happening.


      2. Multiple JMS connection are not happening from the same JMS client, which should not happen.


      Can any one has any solution to solve this issue?