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    Putting Beans into a SessionBean, not able to retrive the latest information with is modifed by another user.

    ajaykumar kadiyala Novice

      1) Face-config.xml

      2) LocationBean.java

      public class LocationBean
      private List<LocationVO> listOfLocation;
      public LocationBean()
        //Loading the location Data
      public List<LocationBean getALLLocationData(){
        //call to db

      public  List<LocationVO> getListOfLocation()

      public  void  setListOfLocation(List<LocationVO> aLocationVO)


      3) Location.xthml

      <rich:datatable value={locationBean.listOfLocation} var="dataItems" ...bla bla>

      <h:outputText value={dataItems.country} />

      Case1) Login Time :1:00 PM ,Logged Out Time=1:10 PM
      Assesing USER 1
      1) Assuming there only 8 record are avaible in DB,the service getALLLocationData() is retriving same number of record and displayed in GUI using  help of <rich:datatable..>.

      Case2) Login Time :1:05 PM  Logged Out Time=1:08 PM
      Assesing USER 2
      1) The user 2 is added 2 records .

      Problem : USER 1 is not able to see the remaing 2 records.Pleas suggest to me .