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How to model order/items

Jonathan Fields Novice

Hi All,


I'm new to JBPM but am having problems understanding how I would model a simple order/items scenario.Hopefully this is not a FAQ, but I have a feeling it might be. But I've looked and have not yet been able to find an answer.


I have an order, that has some order level tasks that must occur first. Then, for each item on the order, there is a sequence of tasks that need to occur in parallel to complete the item. Once all of the item-level tasks are completed, then the order level process should resume with some final tasks to complete the order.


So essentially, the business process must fork into N concurrent branches, where N is the variable number of items on the order, and then join back up when all N have completed. I don't see how it is possible to fork into a variable number of branches. It seems that the number of branches is fixed by the JPDL.


Is there a way to do this using fork? Or is there another way to accomplish this?