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    create bpm image



      i am trying to create a process without passing by the xml file so i did :

      ProcessDefinition processDefinition = new ProcessDefinition();
                processDefinition.setName("test process");



      so i want to know is it possible to create the image for my process by java codding ? (i am using jbpm 4.3)


      thanks in advance

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          i thought i have to clarify my problem:

          i just want to know how to generate an image from the jpdl.xml file (exactly the same way as the designer do)
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            You have to check the designer sources. AFAIK it uses the GEF framework used within Eclipse so this code cannot be used externally. What's wrong with using the designer-generated image file?
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              thank you very much for your answer.

              No, nothing wrong with it, but just i am going to devellop a module that will dynamically create process.jpdl.xml and then deploy it (programmatically)

              so i have , after generating the xml file, to generate the png file in order to deploy it in jbpm database with the xml file