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    What perfomance expected when using RESTful interface?

    Ivan Prisiazhnyy Newbie

      So, the topic is the question. There is only one usage scenario given for REST (in samples) - connection per operation. But all we know that this is not optimized way to communicate (i.e. when you have remote multithreaded fsm-based client and you need to do async calls).


      What perfomance is expected from such usage scenario? What application scenarious are good for connection-per-operation mode? Are http persistent connections supported by infinispan rest server?

        • 1. Perfomance term in this question
          Ivan Prisiazhnyy Newbie
          Perfomance here means write/read ops count at remote client communicating to cache cluster.
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            Manik Surtani Master

            The REST server isn't really a server at all, but a WAR file that would need to be deployed in a servlet container, e.g., JBoss AS, Tomcat, etc.  You would then have to tune your servlet container accordingly, to deal with max concurrent connections, persistent connections, etc.


            In terms of a connection-per-operation pattern on the client, keep in mind that the demos really are used as examples.  Most real-world uses of the REST server would use an open connection, perhaps using NIO (or a layer above NIO like Netty, MINA or Grizzly) for concurrent, async connections.


            A connection-per-operation pattern may make sense in certain cases, however, such as shell scripts or command-line tools that interact with a remote cache.

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