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    how to have RichFaces skin impact entire web page?

    Robert Hume Novice

      I have a web app built that is laid out with DIVs and CSS.  I'm using a RichFaces widgets here and there -- <rich:panel>s, <rich:tabPanel>s, <rich:calendar>s, and so on ...


      Any non-RichFaces tags like <h:outputText> <h:commandLink> that are inside <rich:panel> automatically adopt the fonts and colors of the RichFaces skin.  However when these tags are used outside of a RichFaces panel, they use whatever fonts and colors are specified in the HTML or CSS.


      Is there an easy to wrap everything on the page in a single "RichFaces area" so everything inside adopts the skin's look and feel?


      I could put everything in a big <rich:panel> but then I'd have to hide the header and border to get the effect I want.


      Any ideas?