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    Backwards Compatability

    chris case Newbie

      I am a developer for an application on which runs on a fairly old version of JBoss AS, 4.0.3.  I would like to see about upgrading to the latest version; but I would first like to verify from someone in the community more knowledgeable than I, that JBoss AS versions are backwards compatible.


      I'm going to have to convince the other members of my team of this fact before they would be willing to move to the new version.


      If not, what are the general considerations for moving to the later version.




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          Peter Johnson Master

          A quick scan of the forums will reveal that JBoss AS versions are not backwards compatible - there are a lot of posts where people are running into issues moving their apps to a newer version. The suggested, and probably only, migration route is to install the new version, deploy your apps and see what happens.


          Also, if you made configuration changes to your current version of JBoss AS, you will have to figure out how to apply those changes to the new version. Never copy configuration changes form the one version of JBoss AS to another. This includes things such as *-service.xml files that describe message destinations. Though *-ds.xml files should port over very easily, there have been no significant changes to those files.

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            chris case Newbie

            Thanks Peter,


            I suspected that this would be the case, considering the reluctance to move to later versions.  I guess we will just have to bump it up a version at a time until we finally get caught up.