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    Convertor differences between rich:comboBox and h:selectOneMenu

    radu radu Novice



      I need to change some h:selectOneMenu's with rich:comboBox controls , but when i had a convertor defined for h:selectOneMenu, this it seems to stop working when i attached it to rich:comboBox, (when i used it with rich:inplaceSelect it's ok).


      As i noticed from html files, the rich:comboBox was rendered as an input tag instead as a select one rendered in h:selectOneMenu case, could this influence converter behavior ?


      Also the fact that itemLabel is not recognized for f:selectItem could affect this ?


      Could converterMessage and converter be used in a such way to simulate h:selectOneMenu's converter ?


      Please if you have an example where converter is used for rich:comboBox, or if you have an ideea about this strange behavior give me a hand.