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    SSO with CAS deployed on Linux ???

    Art Munro Novice

      Be interested if anyone has this working on Linux?  Im not sure if this is a Tomcat bundle thing or a Linux thing.. ????




      We are attempting to get SSO going via CAS using Tomcat and Ubuntu and have run into many configuration issues.  we have posted in the forum with no luck.  Is ANYONE out there running CAS, Tomcat bundle on UBUNTU 8??? OR even CAS on Jboss???   I would like to know if any one else has been successfull with the SSO?



      I have raised an issue in JIRA with no response and there is no response from FORUM on prior issues.


      We have the integtation and configuration complete and had to alter the configurations of the gatin host url to have an extra "/" at the end of the url.  This allows CAS to actually return back to the gating Portal.  BUT now the ticket gives us a missmatch... ..

      You sent this..  "url/?ticket" but ticket has "url?ticket"  so its a missmatch.


      Somwhere we need to test sending proper url configuration and having cas return the ticket to same url and grant access accordingly.