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    How can I setup multiple instance on same host on Jboss 4.3

    Gubbu Gubbu Newbie


      I want to create multiple instances of jboss server on same host on JBOSS version 4.3? . For example currently I have


      server/Default. I want





      I have 3 ip address and I I know that you can strt these by "run.sh -c node1 -b ip1" ,"run.sh -c node2 ip2" etc however question is how do you clone "default " to "node1" ? Simply doing "cp -r default node1" doest not work .


      First of all if you want multiple instance then you need "spc.jboss.ctrl" file to be unique for each instance and also "tmp.conf" .How do you accomplish that ? Currently when I tried "cp -r" I get the following in the nohup.error file in the bin directory


      ls: /usr/local/jboss/server/node1/startup-conf/*.conf.*: No such file or directory
      /usr/local/jboss/bin/spcrun.sh: line 102: /usr/local/jboss/server/node1/startup-conf/tmp.conf: No such file or directory


      I even created the "startup-conf" directory but that doesnt help because it is looking for the "tmp-conf" in the node1 directory whereas it gets created in "/usr/local/jboss/bin directory .


      Any ideas or tips ? I have already looked at "http://community.jboss.org/wiki/ConfiguringMultipleJBossInstancesOnOnemachine"

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          Peter Johnson Master

          "how do you clone "default " to "node1" ? Simply doing "cp -r default  node1" doest not work ."

          That is how I do it. I also often do a copy-and-paste in the File Manager. You should be able to compare server/default to server/node1 and notice that they are the same. (If you were making this statement for AS 5.x then I would agree with you because the server/default/lib diretory is emtpry and it might not get copied, and not having that directory can cause problems)


          Regarding the errors you are getting, how are you starting node1? What is the full command line you use? (startup-conf is not a fimiliar directory tp me, I have never seen it being created.) Please post the console output for node1 starting with the command line you entered.