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    Message validation and transformation

    Frans van Niekerk Newbie



      I am playing around with HornetQ and thus far I am very impressed. I know validation and transformation is not traditionally part of a jms' functionality, but to use it in production I must be able to validate a message and transform a message using xsd and xslt. In posting this message I am hoping someone can confirm my findings and/or point me in the right direction.


      I started out investigating the following features (if listed my conclusions acordingly):


      Interceptors: Seems to operate more on a transport layer (Netty) and the associated control packets. It does not seem possible to access the actual jms message sent. Thus validation and transformation is not possible at this point.

      Diverts: Message must then be diverted and only supports transformation not validation.

      Core Bridges: Require 2 seperate instances of HornetQ Server. Also validation not supported.

      JMS Bridges: Does not support transformation or validation.


      So it seems HornetQ does not support xsd or xslt without a more complex production environment?


      Thank you in advance