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    TogglePanel decodes all facets instead of only the active one

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      Not sure if this is 'normal' behaviour, but apparantly all facets are decoded on a postback. In our case, this is undesireable. It is used to implement a wizard and the first time only the first page can be safely decoded, other pages lead to NPE's. After browsing the code, I have seen that TabPanel does implement this (it overrides the getSwitchedFacetsAndChildren() to return only the active child).


      But i don't want to show tabs to the end user. I guess my options are to either provide a custom renderen for tabpanel (that does not show tab controls) or create subclass of TogglePanel (that overrides the getSwitchedFacetsAndChildren).


      I'm not sure why togglepanel does not behave the same tabpanel. Both have a set of panels and show only one to the enduser. Should i create a bug report for this ?