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    Applet inside modalPanel

    Fer Gia Newbie

      Hi all.

      I have a problem...

      First at all, the problem only happens in IE, Firefox works ok.


      I have a modalPanel that include an applet like this:



           <rich:modalPanel id="idPanel" width="500" height="170" resizeable="false" moveable="false">

                <script src="http://java.com/js/deployJava.js" />

                <script type="text/javascript">


                     var parameters = {

                      docName: "nombreDoc"


                  var attributes = {

                    code: 'com.applet.Applet.class',

                    archive: "../../common/jars/applet-0.6-signed.jar"

                    mayScript: true,

                    width: 450,

                    height: 120






      This modalPanel must be showed up when the user clicks in some button.

      The problem is that the applet loads when the container page loads, not when the panel shows up.

      Firefox works ok, the applet's confirmation dialog appears when the panel is opened. But not in IE.


      I try to render the entire modalPanel when the button is pressed, but that show the applet in a new blank window.

      This happens too (the applet in a new window) if i put the 'deployJava.runApplet' line into a javascript function.


      Some ideas?