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    a4j:commandlink not being executed in 2 datatables

    odelya yomtov Novice



      I have 2 datatables. both are declared the same way


      in the top one, the a4j:commandLink works perfectly


      in the bottom one, the a4j:commandLink is not being executed!


      the link is the same.



      <a4j:commandLink action="#{loadedJobsBean.getJobParameter}"

      ajaxSingle="true" immediate="true">

      <f:param name="job_id" value="#{jobChild.id}"></f:param>

      <f:param name="isMainJob" value="false"></f:param>

      <h:graphicImage title="details" url="../../css/inf.jpg"





      when i write it out of the bottom datatable it works perfecty!


      my bean scope is request. when i change it to session - it works. How can i make it work without changing the bean scope to session?