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    Sharing an MDB class between multiple ejb jars

    Emjay Khan Newbie

      Hello, all.


      I want to share an MDB class between 2 ejb jars.


      Specifically, I have an MDB class, say QListener.class,
      and it handles messages arriving on the 'queue/app0-job' destination.
      It is packaged and deployed in the app0-ejb.jar file,
      and it works nicely.


      A while later, I decide to reuse the MDB class for another application
      and have it listen to the 'queue/app1-job' destination.
      The application is deployed in the app1-ejb.jar file.


      app0-ejb and app1-ejb are supposed to be deployed together on a JBoss.


      Can I do this?


      The MDB and other EJBs are written in EJB3
      and the JBoss is 4.2.2.


      Any adivce would be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.