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    HornetQ GWT integration

    Tamal Saha Newbie
      Hi, I am interested to know about GWT integration with HornetQ. My GWT app will send messages to HornetQ server using JMS api. An external client will consume these message and process them accordingly. So, this is basically point-to-point mode. From your wiki, I see that because of the way J2EE/JCA works, HornetQ sessions will automatically be cached. Since, I am developing my app using GWT Eclipse plugin (from Google), how can I test that? GWT Eclipse uses jetty internally. Since Jetty is a servlet container, not a JEE app server, will it be cached automatically when I run the web app from inside Eclipse? It will be great there is "how to" tutorial/link about this. I am new to HornetQ and all these J2EE way of doing things. So, I am sorry in case, this is a very trivial question. Thanks.