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    Web page hangs up and no logs in JBOSS

    Thiy Aster Newbie

      Hi All,


      We were developed and deployed JSP pages for GUI purpose in JBOSS AS 4.0

      We deployed our application at client side in RHEL 4.

      There were only few user(one or two) will access our GUI page(jsp page).

      While accessing sometimes our customer face issue of the page gets hangs up.

      This issue will be normally resolved after restarting the JBOSS.


      We checked the jboss logs and find nothing at the time when issue happen.

      There were no logs in JBOSS for this issue and at that particular time.

      And I find no error message in jboss logs.

      Can anyone help me to know how should I can able to find the root cause for this issue.


      Thanks In Advance