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    EJB method having QName as an argument fails on jboss 5

    Rishi Agarwal Newbie



      I have a EJB method that has  javax.xml.namespace.QName as an argument. On trying to connect to it from the jse client it gives the following exception: Our EJBs are deplyed on JBOSS AS 5.


      java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.InvalidClassException:  javax.xml.namespace.QName; local class incompatible: stream classdesc  serialVersionUID = -9120448754896609940, local class serialVersionUID  = -711357515002332258



      After removing QName class from stax-api.jar in the endorsed\lib directory , i could successfully invoke the EJB method. This is the due to the fact the QName class is available as part of JRE libraries as well and i guess this is a well-known fact that there are issue around it due to incompatible serialVersionUID.


      Now my point is what is the solution to resolve this.We can't recommend removing QName class from stax-api.jar for EJBs( methods with QName as argument) to work. What does JBOSS recommend ?


      Please help!