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    PanelMenu and Ajax

    Alan Hay Newbie

      I have an application with a standard layout - side navigation (using rich:panelMenu) and a main content area. I'm having trouble seeing how I can get the main content area to render the content according to what was selected in the menu without doing a full page upddate e.g.


      User selects 'List Users' some server action fires to load the users and the user list is displayed in the main content area. User select 'List Orders' and some main content area switches to order List.


      This is ovbiously easy to do in a non-Ajax way as I simply return a view which includes the nav panel as well as the content. However as I have to return null from an Action method for things to work in an Ajax mode, I cannot understand how to convert the menu to work in the way I want. Maybe I'm missing something really simple.


      I have already built a fairly complex UI and would have thought this would have been one of the simpler parts of the application. However....