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    rich:extendeddatatable rich:scrollabledatatable

    praveen jain Novice

      a very strange action if i write binding=#{} property to the scrollable it is not rendering and if i remove it renders



      rich:scrollableDataTable value="#{mainbind.bsDin.dinList}" var="din"


      id="table" width="580px" binding="#{mainbind.bsDin.dinTable}"


      selection="#{mainbind.bsDin.selection}" selectionMode="multi">




      return dinTable;




      public void setDinTable(HtmlScrollableDataTable dinTable) {


      this.dinTable = dinTable;




      the same thing happens with extendeddatatable

      i am using  richfaces-api-3.3.2.SR1 /impl/ui  libraries.




      HtmlScrollableDataTable getDinTable() {