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    data attribute not working on rich:tree...  am I missing something?

    Peter Len Apprentice



      I use the data attibute on some of my richfaces components to receive data back from an a4j call.  I use the oncomplete attribute to then call a javscript function with the value returned in that "data" object.  I added the "data" and "oncomplete" attributes to my rich:tree in hopes of being able to get data back to the client from my tree selection (via nodeSelectListener) as well as with my tree drag-n-drop (via dropListener).  In both cases, the oncomplete is called but the data object is not sent and there is no indication that the server function used to get the data was ever called.  If I add these attributes on a rich:dropSupport component (using the same dropListener), however, all works fine.  It just isn't working when defined as a rich:tree attribute.  I also tried adding the attributes to the rich:treeNode components as well as trying different variations of putting a rich:dropSupport within the rich:tree, but nothing is working.


      Does anyone know how (or if) you can use the data attribute on a rich:tree (the docs say it is a valid attribute), and if so, what I may be doing wrong?


      Thanks for any thoughts - Peter