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    juddi.war missing in 4.7?

    Scott Dawson Apprentice

      What happened to juddi.war in JBoss ESB 4.7? It's missing. Will a remote ServiceInvoker work without it?




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          Kevin Conner Master

          Hiya Scott.


          The juddi.war file as provided by the juddi project does not actually deploy on a stock JBoss app server and was therefore not included in the 4.7 release.  In any case we do not usually use that for remote invocations, preferring instead the juddi RMI transport.


          We did have a need to create our own version of that war, as part of our productisation process for 4.7, and will shortly be rolling all those changes out through the project as part of the 4.8 release.


          I'll post something about 4.8 in the next couple of days and the release will occur before the end of March.



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            Scott Dawson Apprentice

            Thanks Kevin. I'm having trouble getting a remote ServiceInvoker to work and I thought maybe it was related to the missing war. I'll try again with the RMI settings and see if I can make it work.