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    JavaScript error "C.selectNodes is not a function"

    shadowcreeper Apprentice

      In FireFox (I am using 3.5.8 on Ubuntu) I get the exception "C.selectNodes is not a function" thrown from RichFaces injected "framework.pack.js" several times for each AJAX call. I am also using RichFaces v3.3.2.SR1 on JBoss v5.1.0.GA (in case that matters).


      It is caught and ignored, and in the catch block another bit of code is used instead. However, this makes it very difficult to debug my JavaScript code as breaking on exceptions stops here constantly, and logging exceptions scrolls past my code's errors with useless "C.selectNodes..." traces.


      Is there anyway to keep this from happening?


      Following is the code snippet (according to Firebug, this is on lines 2321 to 2325)


      var E;

      }catch(D){LOG.debug("getElementsByTagName found no elements, "+D.Message)
      }}return E

      The error is thrown on the 2nd line of the above code snippet.